“F****** BRILLIANT.”Aimee Luther, MD, The Liberty Guild.
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“HOLY SH*T!”Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching Manifesto
“BRILLIANT”Antonis Kocheilas, Global CEO, Ogilvy Advertising
“FANTASTIC”Dame Annette King, DBE, Chair, Advertising Association
“READ IT, PASS IT ON”Jamie Elliott, CEO, The Gate


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Tuning Up: Improving performance and reducing stress in advertising and marketing

No musicians worth their salt would ever begin performing without first making sure they’re in tune. But in marketing and advertising we often jump into working relationships without Tuning Up.

In marketing and advertising, Tuning Up means harmonising responsibility and control. But being out of tune is much more painful than the cacophony of ill-prepared musicians. Responsibility without control can cause extreme stress; control without responsibility can create arrogant ogres or benevolent dictators.

But when we have responsibility and corresponding control we can achieve flow; operating to the peak of our capabilities and with greatest satisfaction.

In Tuning Up, we explore how responsibility and control relate to one another, to colleagues, clients and agencies. Using the Meikle Matrix business model, case studies and bizarre and amusing anecdotes, Tuning Up guides us to improving our performance and reducing our stress – leading us to happier and more fulfilling lives in two of the world’s more demanding industries.