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  • The best question

    The best question

    What question can silence 30+ excited bigmouths? Then came the question.  And we all stopped.  We stopped talking, we stopped laughing, we stopped smiling – because we had to start really thinking about how to answer this simple question. And this was it: So what will you do differently tomorrow?

  • Anybody can cook a steak.

    Anybody can cook a steak.

    But if your steak is an advertising idea that is going to be served to millions of people on the back of a huge investment in media, do you want that steak to be the best that you can do or the best that can be done by people who live and breathe all the…

  • Bike sheds and Nuclear Power Stations

    Bike sheds and Nuclear Power Stations

    For as long as there have been creative agencies there has been a widespread frustration with client interference with creative work’s final stages and art direction, also known as the “make my logo bigger” syndrome. It’s a frustration I have experienced myself, and one that is oftentimes derived from the seeming insignificance of the clients’…

  • The Arrogance Paradox

    The Arrogance Paradox

    If it were easy to start a new business and make it a success, surely there would be a lot more businesses around?  I would estimate that the number of people who would like to be their own boss is greater than those who actually are their own boss by an order of magnitude.

  • Packing your own parachute

    Packing your own parachute

    This article relates to the themes explored in David Meikle’s new book, Tuning Up in which he explores the impact of responsibility and control in relationships, and how different levels of responsibility and control influence productivity, quality, work satisfaction and stress. You can find out more about Tuning Up here. It’s available in Hardback here…