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Tuning Up

Diagnosis test instructions
web-based version


Welcome to the free Tuning Up diagnostic test. Our diagnosis has been designed to assess how well you feel you are doing in your working relationships whether they are internal, external or both.

The relationships might be short-term, for example they might be relationships with clients or people in other departments regarding a specific project, or longer term, such as you might have with a long-standing client, a leader, a manager or somebody who works with or for you.

If you want to measure something more like a project or an issue, then measure the relationship with the key stakeholder(s) or beneficiaries of the project. We can measure up to five of these in our free diagnostic test.

What’s it for?

The diagnosis provides a snapshot in time about how well or poorly you feel you are doing regarding the relationships you choose to assess.

These results are yours alone, so you can assess them whatever way you like. There are no wrong answers about how these relationships make you feel. Some organisations might use a version of this test to see how well their people feel they are performing and to identify those who may be struggling so they can receive the right support.

This diagnosis test does not offer any specific solutions. Instead, consider its results as a starting point from which you may want to begin a Tuning Up process. At the very least it should be able to indicate which relationships or issues are in greatest need of Tuning Up.

All the data you provide will be kept safe and anonymised. All data is securely accessed & stored according to industry best practices on our UK-based Web servers.