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“HOLY SH*T!”Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching Manifesto
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the book

About the book

Tuning Up is a comprehensive guide to improving our work, satisfaction, motivation and productivity by focusing and adjusting our relationships.

Building on the popularity of David’s Meikle Matrix model from his first book, How to Buy a Gorilla, Tuning Up examines working relationships in advertising and marketing through the lens of responsibility and control.

More specifically, Tuning Up is about how to create harmonious relationships by balancing levels of control and responsibility to achieve better performance, staff satisfaction and motivation.

“What took me three decades and a series of panic attacks to understand, David’s book will teach you in a few hours.“
Rory Sutherland, TED speaker, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK

Using anecdotes and examples from all walks of life and experience Tuning Up comprises three parts:

Part One.
In the first part of Tuning Up we introduce the Meikle Matrix and how different levels of responsibility and control affect us in our performance, satisfaction, motivation and stress. We carefully define our terms for control and responsibility to get the most the matrix can offer.

Part Two.
Next, Tuning Up looks more specifically at how responsibility and control impacts marketers and advertising agencies; how it impacts their relationship and how better understanding of each party’s pressures and priorities can create more constructive partnerships.

Part Three.
Lastly, Tuning Up looks at how responsibility and control change throughout a career. More specifically, we examine the differences between staff, managers and leaders and how we need to change our perspectives on responsibility and control to be the most effective we can be at any of these levels.

“THIS—this is the book that explains the dynamics of the client-agency relationship, the book that leaders in marketing, procurement and agencies need to read and discuss. Tuning Up explains everything!”
Blair Enns, author The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

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