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Audit and consulting

Tuning Up your organisation and its ways of working can have a dramatic and positive impact.

The Tuning Up diagnostic test can be used on departmental, company or group levels as a starting point – to identify how people are performing in your company as a result of the dynamics of their relationships.

The simple test is completed by any number of people in a given cohort to identify their position in the Meikle Matrix and to help indicate what kind of interventions may be required to improve or maintain their performance.

The Tuning Up diagnostic test can also be applied to assess client/agency relationships, with or without both parties’ involvement. For agencies, it can be applied to determine whether their processes or behaviours need Tuning Up. For clients, processes, campaigns and agency rosters can be easily assessed.

The outputs of these audits can identify where processes and behaviours are out of kilter with the responsibility and control levels where they ought to be. The survey answers are starting points upon which to build better working processes and behavioural principles and practices.

Participation in the audit is simple and efficient, accessible from all devices and on all browser platforms. Initial diagnoses can be either automated and emailed or interpreted and presented just as you prefer.

Working sessions, consultancy and workshops can then be designed if required to assist in the Tuning Up process.

Once new practices are embedded, the diagnostic can be run again to assess the real impact on the well-being and performance of the group.

Not only did he help individuals be more effective and happier in their roles but also helped us as a business iron out areas where we can improve and be better.

Jon Goulding, CEO, Atomic