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“HOLY SH*T!”Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching Manifesto
“BRILLIANT”Antonis Kocheilas, Global CEO, Ogilvy Advertising
“FANTASTIC”Dame Annette King, DBE, Chair, Advertising Association
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  • Bike sheds and Nuclear Power Stations

    Bike sheds and Nuclear Power Stations

    For as long as there have been creative agencies there has been a widespread frustration with client interference with creative work’s final stages and art direction, also known as the “make my logo bigger” syndrome. It’s a frustration I have experienced myself, and one that is oftentimes derived from the seeming insignificance of the clients’…

  • The Arrogance Paradox

    The Arrogance Paradox

    If it were easy to start a new business and make it a success, surely there would be a lot more businesses around?  I would estimate that the number of people who would like to be their own boss is greater than those who actually are their own boss by an order of magnitude.